Great Gabbard Extension to ‘Proceed to Examination’

A 504MW extension to the Greater Gabbard wind farm, currently under construction off the Suffolk coast, has passedthe first stage of the planning application process. RWE npower Renewables and SSE Renewables, who are developing the project under the name Galloper Wind Farm, have now had clearance from the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) to ‘proceed to examination’. This will involve inviting members of the public to examine on and comment on the proposals for the wind farm, which will then be examined in detail by the IPC. - Read more »

Energy Projects Feature Strongly in Construction Industry ‘Wish List’

Seven leading construction industry bodies have announced a ‘wish list’ of 72 projects to be unlocked and given the go-ahead in the Government’s Autumn Statement. The wish list was submitted along with a report, ‘Unlocking Growth in UK Construction’, which recommends ways to boost the construction industry by breaking down some of the barriers that currently hinder its growth. - Read more »

Industrialising the Renewable Energy Sector

Just a few decades ago, a new wind farm would have consisted of a handful of smallish turbines generating a modest amount of electricity for local use. Nowadays, giant offshore developments such as the London Array and Greater Gabbard will, when complete, have the capacity to flow hundreds of megawatts of power into the National Grid. And the developments of the future, such as the 9 gigawatt Dogger Bank zone, will see hundreds of ever larger, more powerful wind turbines located even further offshore. - Read more »

Turkeys: They’re Not Just For Christmas!

Everyone who’s ever cooked a too-big turkey at Christmas will know all about reinventing it in sandwiches, salads, risottos and curries when the big day is over and done with. But well-known poultry producer Bernard Matthews will bring a new meaning to the phrase ‘turkey leftovers’ when a £4 million biogas plant opens at their site in Holton, Suffolk, in 2013. - Read more »

£103m Boost for Scottish Renewables

Scotland’s renewable energy industry has received a welcome boost to the tune of £103 million – on top of the funding already earmarked in the Scottish Government’s Budget. The monies, which will come from the Ofgem’s Fossil Fuel Levy pot, will be invested in both onshore and marine renewable energy technologies, including the Pelamis Wave Power project currently being trialled off the Orkney coast. - Read more »

SMart Wind Project Plans Revealed

Detailed plans for SMart Wind, an offshore wind farm to be built off the East Yorkshire coast, have been revealed to local people as part of the project’s second phase consultation process. Part of the Government’s Round 3 development of offshore wind farms, SMart Wind is being developed by the Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens Project Ventures consortium. - Read more »

EU Invests €9.1bn in Energy Infrastructure Upgrade

Further to our article on 15 October, which mentioned the need to upgrade Europe’s energy infrastructure to support the renewable energy industry’s rapid development, the EU has announced a €9.1 billion plan to do just that. In the first ever plan of its kind, the EU will use a combination of project bonds, loan guarantees and grants to enable 12 selected infrastructure projects to benefit from a fast-track permit granting process. These projects will then receive 50-80% of their funding from the EU. - Read more »

The Opportunities and Challenges of Offshore Wind

The UK has committed to generating at least 15% of all its energy from renewable sources by 2020. As this date draws ever closer, the fast-evolving offshore wind industry is set to play an increasingly prominent role in helping us achieve this goal. We’re doing pretty well so far, with 1,500MW of operational capacity already on line – 50% of all the offshore wind power in Europe. By 2020, this could increase to 25,000MW. - Read more »

London Array Steps Up The Pace

We’re pleased to report that the London Array Offshore Wind Farm’s onshore construction (in which Wilding’s involved) is on track and set for completion in spring 2012. On the other hand, offshore construction has been delayed by one of the main installation vessels, Adventure, arriving three months late. However, the brand new, purpose-built ship is now at the wind farm site in the outer Thames estuary and will work alongside the Discovery  vessel to make up for lost time. - Read more »

Good Progress With Greater Gabbard

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has announced that they’re running ahead of schedule on several of their offshore wind farm projects, including Greater Gabbard. SSE, the UK’s largest renewable energy generator, has a 50% share in the 500MW Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm which lies off the Suffolk coast. Offshore construction is well underway, with all 140 monopiles and foundations now installed, and the wind farm is on track for commissioning in 2012. - Read more »

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