Clients - Wilding Construction - Substation Project Placements For Experienced Construction Professionals

Taking The Trouble Out Of Substation Construction

Most PT&D companies undertaking turnkey substation projects are not specifically resourced for on-site civil construction works.  Despite this, they’re usually required to build a substation as well as energise it.  And that’s where Wilding comes in.  We’re here to supervise construction activities and appoint the most appropriate Engineers and Managers to make sure everything goes smoothly on site.

A Unique Client-Focused Approach To Construction Site Management

Wilding is unusual in that we don’t just place candidates into consultancy roles.  Instead, we’ve built our business around ‘hands-on’ Client Relationship Management.  We will proactively manage the Client-Consultant relationship for each project, as well as personally review progress on-site.  In contrast to most Recruitment Agencies, who generally have no involvement in the project post placement, our unique approach enables us to help resolve any problems from an early stage, with a view to ensuring timely delivery within budget.

An End-To-End Site Management Service

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and fully-managed service for our Clients, including taking care of all the finer details such as arranging Site Security, Utilities, Site Accommodation, Admin Supplies, Cleaning and Catering Services, amongst others, as well as managing construction itself.  We also have a Site Enabling Works Division.