‘Blue Energy’ Plan Could Create 20,000 Jobs

A new ocean energy plan for Europe could lead to the creation of 20,000 UK jobs by 2035. The proposals, unveiled by the European Commission, would invest heavily in the embryonic ocean energy sector, developing new technologies such as wave and tidal stream energy so that projects can be constructed on a commercially-viable scale.

The project will be led by a new Ocean Energy Forum and focus on industrialising all potential sources of renewable energy from the seas and oceans, except offshore wind. Scotland, which already leads the field in the development of marine energy technologies, is set to play a key role in the plan.

With 10% of Europe’s total wave power resources and 25% of its tidal power, Scottish shores are already home to several ground-breaking projects. And there are more in the pipeline, including the world’s largest wave farm and Europe’s biggest tidal stream energy project, both of which have recently been approved.

Scotland’s Energy Minister, Fergus Ewing, commented: ‘Scotland possesses world-leading offshore energy expertise. Working with the European Commission and Ocean Energy Europe, we are well-placed to make a vital contribution to the forum and Europe’s green energy ambitions…Scotland has an astounding potential for renewable energy.’

Wilding says: This is excellent news for the marine energy industry in the UK and Europe. Developing wave and tidal technologies will provide a more balanced generation mix for the renewables sector, further reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and driving down carbon emissions in the future.

Source: The Scotsman