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Renewable Sector Supporting Over 100,000 Jobs

Massive levels of investment into the green energy sector in the last few years have enabled the industry to sustain an ever-growing workforce that now tops 100,000. According to a report published jointly by the REA, Innovas and PwC, almost £30 billion has been invested into the sector since 2010. By 2013, this was enabling a £14 billion turnover and a 4.2% contribution to the UK generation mix. - Read more »

Government Gives Green Light to Eight New Renewables Projects

The UK Government has awarded contracts for eight new green energy projects, to the tune of £12 billion. The projects, five offshore wind farms and three biomass plants, will create 8,500 jobs in construction and ongoing maintenance. Together, the new developments will be able to generate up to 4.5GW of low carbon electricity, around 4% of capacity and enough to power around three million homes. - Read more »

Renewable Energy Spending Must Increase Tenfold, Says UN

A UN report has warned that the UK must invest ten times more into renewable energy sources within the next 15 years, if climate change and global warming are to be kept under control. Other countries with higher-than-average carbon emissions would also need to increase their spending on a similar scale. - Read more »

World’s Largest Tidal Power Plant Could Come to Swansea

A recent planning application submitted by Tidal Lagoon Power could see the world’s largest tidal power plant being built in Swansea Bay. The firm is seeking a development consent order to build a 9.5km U-shaped sea wall to generate renewable energy from the incoming and outgoing tides in the bay.  - Read more »

Offshore Wind Round-Up

Offshore wind developments have been making the headlines in recent months, with both good and bad news for some of the UK’s biggest renewable energy projects. Let’s take a look at some of the key developments.  - Read more »

Mixed Reactions to Altered Climate Change Targets

Changes to European climate change targets have led to a mixed reaction from businesses and energy industry bodies. The new EU-wide targets require a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and at least 27% of energy to be generated from renewable sources by 2030. - Read more »

‘Blue Energy’ Plan Could Create 20,000 Jobs

A new ocean energy plan for Europe could lead to the creation of 20,000 UK jobs by 2035. The proposals, unveiled by the European Commission, would invest heavily in the embryonic ocean energy sector, developing new technologies such as wave and tidal stream energy so that projects can be constructed on a commercially-viable scale. - Read more »

Big Rise in Onshore Wind Farm Approvals

Figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change have revealed that 141 onshore wind farms received planning permission in 2013, compared to 83 in 2010 – an increase of two thirds in three years. The number of approved solar installations also rose from just nine in 2010 to 141 in 2013. - Read more »

New Training Opportunities Boost UK Energy Sector Skills Base

According to a recent Skills Manifesto released by RenewableUK, the offshore wind industry will need to recruit up to 70,500 skilled workers by 2023 to meet its construction and maintenance requirements, and to enable the UK to meet its renewable energy targets. - Read more »

Green Light for £450m Able Marine Energy Park

The Government has given its approval for a brand new £450 million marine energy park to be built at North Killingholme, on the banks of the Humber. The 906 acre Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP), which will serve the offshore wind industry in the UK and hopefully beyond, will bring between 4,000 and 10,000 jobs to north Lincolnshire – and a much-needed boost to the region’s economy. - Read more »

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